The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan represents the interests of a diverse set of stakeholders that have come together to improve water resources for fish, families, farms, and forests. Our stakeholder group represents myriad private, local, tribal, state, federal, and environmental interests in the basin.

The Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project (YRBWEP) Workgroup provides policy and project development consultation on the implementation of the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan.

YRBWEP Workgroup

Detailed information on the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project (YRBWEP) Workgroup can be found here.


Funding the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan is predicated on an innovative and collaborative federal-state-local-private funding partnership. This cost-sharing approach is necessary to meet plan goals and reflects the diversity of beneficiaries when a comprehensive water resource management system is achieved.

The Integrated Plan is currently in the 10-year Initial Development Phase, which is projected to cost about $1 billion. Funders include:

●        State of Washington
●        Federal government
●        Irrigation districts
●        County and local governments
●        Yakama Nation
●        Non-governmental organizations